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Welcome to Authentic town of South Gujrat!!!

Kadod is a village in south Gujarat on the bank of river TAPI. It is one of the oldest town of Surat in India. In my native ideology people say Kadod, Kathor ne Variav ni joyu hoi to fari aav.
Kadod represents the old town system consist of "falias". Kadod has uneven geography that makes it unique among the surrounding villages. Falais are located here and there, up and down the hills. A falia is a street where houses are side by side sharing common walls and street as front yard. You will find falia consist of two houses to hundred houses in a row in Kadod. Kadod is also one of the pioneer town in sahakari Mandalis (Cooperatives). It's a complete town with all the facilities you want where you live with the soul of countryside village.
Come visit my hometown and you will love it!!!

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