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Searching the web is an Art!!!
Most generous user thinks that search engines produces expected outputs only if you specify the absolute key words!! but that is not true in most cases. Todays search engines can crowl through the directories of your sites and cache your web pages in their system e.g. Sitelelvel used on this site, Which on request start crawling your web site directories and caching your web pages. Some other search engines like google or Yahoo first receive the request for the entry in the search engine by submitting your site to their data. Than on their convenience their ROBOTS crawl your site and gather informations. In some search engines you have to provide a short discriptions and title for your site with address while you submit the site And that material will be used as the searchable material to produce output. Hence its all depends on the search engine that you use.ubmit the data. The power of search engine comes out from the maintainance and the cached submission of sites and top of the all how the information stored in their file system. Google and Yahoo have the same site submission mechanism but different way of handling the data. Google is todays most reflactive search engine.. Though you can enjoy..
2]America Online
3]Alta vista

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