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Kadod, Kathor and Variav all these three villages have same "town Planning" :) There is no town planning. But the nature has played a bug roll in the early development of towns. Perticularly for Kadod. Before dam was constructed on Tapi river, there were big danger of flood every year. Also heavy rain has carved big ups and downs in entire geographic area of Kadod and surrounding. To avoid flood losses People constructed their houses little higher than ground. Also generally on the heights where ever they found. That gave Kadod a distictive town plannig called falia. Also falia came out from people's desire to stay in trustable community and area. Fear of rivals and looters in medivial time made people to live closer and in compounded community. Later called Falia. Kadod is a historical village as old as other known cities of Gujrat.

I have collected some pictures of Falias, To see more follow the link. If you want to add some more pictures to me Please click here. Only scanned images with details are acceptable.

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